ADR and IP: Mediation-what it is, how it works and drafting clauses

The State Bar of California recently released two webinars on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and intellectual property (IP).  Erica Bristol of EB Resource Group conducted the first, titled “ADR & IP: Mediation – What It Is, How It Works & How to Draft ADR Provisions. (Part 1 of 2).  This webinar focuses on using mediation to successfully resolve IP disputes.  The webinar examines mediation compared to other ADR procedures in resolving IP disputes; the benefits and limits of mediation for IP issues; preparing for mediation; court-ordered vs. private mediation; and preparing well-drafted mediation clauses. The webinar can be found here:

The second webinar, titled ADR & IP: My Kingdom For A Horse: Arbitration of Intellectual Property Disputes – A Delicate Balance (Part 2 of 2), notes the fundamental elements of arbitration and explore its suitability as an option for various types of intellectual property disputes.  The webinar can be found here:

IP practitioners should review both webinars to maximize the use of ADR in resolving IP disputes.